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Welcome to Living Well Pathways . . . providing coaching services to restore balance and peace in your life.  Specializing in helping people who are juggling roles, responsibilities and are tired of being stressed out. If you are looking for clarity in how to make time for what's important to you and what provides nourishment to your soul, then you are in the right place. Together with Bonnie at Living Well Pathways you'll create a blueprint for living the life you've always imagined. Through coaching sessions, in-depth questioning and applying tools for living well, you can discover the path in life that resonates with you.  

Coaching Sessions

Would you like to find more balance in your life? Are you constantly juggling multiple priorities and never getting ahead? Do you feel like your passion has faded and you're just going through the motions? Do you want to pursue a dream but can't find the time or energy to get started?
Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions then coaching can help you get the clarity and focus you need to find your path. I can help guide you in the right direction so that you can gain balance and peace, rekindling the passion for life that we all have inside of us.
Find out more about my unique style of coaching  and how I can help you find the balance between work and life that you've been looking for.


Reiki Healing Sessions


Reiki is a hands-on technique that balances, realigns energy, and activates the body's own innate ability to heal itself. It is an extremely relaxing way to lower daily stresses and clear the mind.

The Reiki practitioner uses light hand touch or hovering over energy points on the body. The Reiki recipient simply closes their eyes and relaxes during the session. Reiki treatments can be done as little or as often as you like.


Animals can benefit from Reiki too!  They are especially aware of the energy and actually love Reiki treatments. I specialize in working with cats and dogs, but all animals are open to experiencing Reiki energy and the relaxation and healing it provides. 
Find out more about Reiki sessions and how they can benefit you.

Reiki Training Classes


Have you heard about the healing benefits of Reiki and wish to learn for yourself? Anyone can learn Reiki to do treatments on themsevles or others. As a Reiki Master, I can train you to channel Reiki energy for yourself.


During the classes, you will learn the history of Reiki, its energetic origins, how it works, and how it can complement many other Western and Eastern healing modalities. You will be activated for the level of Reiki you are studying and can start practicing almost immediately! Reiki puts the power of healing into your hands.
Classes are available for certification in the Master Usui method of Reiki. For each level of training, you will receive a diploma acknowledging your completion.

Find out more about Reiki classes.