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Bonnie Egenton, Certified Life Coach and Reiki Master

Living Well Pathways is a Life Coaching and Reiki energy healing practice located in the quaint, rural town of Hillsborough, in Somerset County, New Jersey.


My Coaching mission is to help you find balance in your life. We all juggle multiple and conflicting priorities and often feel stressed and overwhelmed. I can help you learn to handle whatever comes your way with ease and simplicity, regardless of what’s going on in your life. I will assist you in getting clear on what’s truly important to you at the soul level, so you can focus on what you really want out of life. I’ll help you understand how to alleviate stress and use that newfound energy to create more peace. From that space you’ll learn how to consciously harness that energy to create passion and momentum toward your ultimate goals. I'll help you accomplish this by providing guidance, support and the tools to get you on your path. My coaching methods will help you stay there, so you can balance your life and obtain your goals in mind, body and spirit.

My accredited training with iPEC — the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching — brings you a comprehensive, in-depth process of personal development and growth programs that reveal a better understanding of who you are and where you want to go. Through these specialized methods, working together we can bring out your highest potential, unique purpose, and unlimited passion in ways well beyond what you’ve ever imagined.


My Reiki mission is to share Reiki energy with others so they may experience relaxation and stress relief, allowing the body to heal. This is accomplished through hands-on Reiki treatments for people and also for animals. As a Reiki Master in the Mikao Usui method of Reiki, I also teach Reiki certification classes so that participants can enjoy Reiki for themselves or to share with others.


My journey into Reiki was through my own health crisis. When diagnosed with breast cancer, I faced many challenges — physically, mentally and spiritually. I first experienced Reiki during my traditional Western medical care. The hospital I received my cancer treatment from had an additional program of Eastern-inspired holistic meditation, yoga, and Reiki. I experienced first-hand the incredible relaxation and restorative benefits of Reiki. I was able to better deal with chemotherapy side effects, feel calmer and get more restful sleep. That experience led me to a year-long Reiki training process and I am now a Reiki Master myself. I enjoy sharing Reiki with others so they too can experience the peacefulness and joy of Reiki energy.