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Oliver's Story

My love for healing animals using Reiki energy began with my very own sweet Oliver. Here is his story...

Ollie came into my life as a 16-week old kitten with his 2 sisters. Sadly they had been abandoned — left outside in a shopping cart in front of PetSmart. I was only planning to adopt 2 kittens, but I just couldn’t leave one behind... so all three came home! Unbeknownst to me, Oliver had feline distemper when I adopted him. I realized something was wrong within a few days and took him to the vet for treatment. He was such a snuggly sweet kitten who was great about taking his meds, and he soon recovered from the distemper. Unfortunately, the seizures and a slightly off-balance walk (like John Wayne) remained.

Oliver usually has seizures when he is sleeping, and it is very difficult to watch him go through it. His head shakes violently and his mouth opens and closes quickly, gnashing his teeth. I remember one time, he was napping on the couch and fell off, landing on the floor like a rag doll (unlike the typical cat response of landing on their feet). We try to wake him up but he's in such a deep sleep that takes quite a bit of effort and we run the risk of getting injured ourselves. I constantly worried about him hurting himself! I also worried because he wasn’t getting restful sleep. Thankfully Reiki has made a significant positive difference and Ollie now can sleep more comfortably and peacefully — which also means that I feel more relaxed as well. Oliver recognizes the power of Reiki and lets me know when he wants a treatment by pressing his head into my hands. I find that as long as we do Reiki every couple of weeks, the seizures are almost completely gone, and are much milder.
Oliver constantly lets me know how much he loves me with a very special Oliver hug. It wouldn’t be morning without one! He jumps on my lap, rubs my arm, lays his head on my shoulder and puts one paw up over my arm while I hold him in both of my arms. If I “forget” he meows until I sit down so he can get his hug. It is a moment I am grateful for every single day. Once in a while, I even get more than 1 Oliver hug in a day!


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