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Coaching Sessions

Let me help you find the pathway to living well through one-on-one coaching. Whether it's a personal goal you'd like to achieve or a professional aspiration you're reaching for, I can guide you along the way. Using a unique array of questions, proven techniques to uncover your deepest desires, and applying tools for living, together we will create a life map for you!

One-on-one coaching is available by phone or Skype.

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Get an idea of how coaching can benefit you and set you on the right track to easily accomplish your professional or personal goals.

Your introductory session includes:

• A full hour session - the perfect amount of time to connect

• Introduction to coaching - what it is and what it isn't

• Discovery session - we'll delve into a current situation of your choice

• Complimentary coaching tool - I'll share one of my proven methods with you


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Coaching At Your Convenience

Set up the coaching session package that works for you!

Coaching sessions are 1 hour in length and can be done by phone or Skype.

1 session - $115 — individual sessions as needed

3 sessions - $315  ($105 per session) — you save $30

6 sessions - $600  ($100 per session) — you save $90

Reiki Sessions

Reiki energy is passed from the Reiki practitioner to the recipient while they are relaxing on a massage table. The practitioner uses hand positions with a light touch or hovering over the body. Sessions can also be done in a chair or remotely over long distances.

Reiki sessions can be performed at my home office or in your home.



Table Sessions:

60 mintue session - $70
90 minute session - $85



Chair Sessions:

30 minute session - $40


Long Distance Reiki (reiki energy sessions sent anywhere in the world!):

15 minute session - $25


Animal Reiki

Animals can benefit from Reiki too! They are especially aware of the energy and appreciate a Reiki treatment.

Animal Reiki sessions are performed in the comfort of your pet's home.

Animal Reiki Sessions:

30 minute session - $40